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Start Planning for 2022 With These Digital 市场营销 Trends

2021年12月8日 | 博客, 数字广告, 市场营销

During the past couple of years, we’ve seen massive changes in the way we promote businesses. 社交媒体比以往任何时候都大. 网红营销的发展情况如何?

That makes planning for the future difficult at best. 在2021年底坐在这里, how do you know what tools will be best for moving forward into 2022 and beyond?

There are several significant trends in digital marketing that will impact the way you market your business over the coming months. 你应该把时间、金钱和精力放在哪里? These are the areas we see growing by leaps and bounds.


If you read the content we’ve shared on our blog these past few years, there’s a recurring theme. 内容营销 has remained high in our marketing strategies because it’s the one thing that has worked and will continue to work well.

我们怎么能这么肯定呢? 因为谷歌这么说.

Google 搜索引擎优化 (搜索引擎优化) Starter Guide, it says: “Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factors discussed here.然后,它列出了各种在线添加内容的方法, 包括博客文章, 社交媒体356体育官方网站, 和论坛帖子.

Google has long since built its business on giving people the information they are searching for. They continually tweak their algorithms to deliver better data. When people turn to Google, they have a question in mind. They look for the answers in various ways, from detailed articles to peer reviews and testimonials.

Google analyzes this and builds a better business model based on what people want. It’s all about content – of course, that changes over time too.

But you can’t ignore that creating content will always be your number one strategy for ranking well. 如果你不写文章, 在社交媒体上保持活跃, 或者关注你的评论, 你的企业将来会为此付出代价的.



When we think about what digital marketing trends will work in the future, we can’t help but think about how 搜索引擎优化 will be a part of that strategy.

今天的搜索引擎优化和几年前不一样了. Load up a page with keywords today, and you’ll be banned from the search engines.

It all comes back to content – Google wants great user experiences. That means high-quality content that is readable and likable. Of course, if you use 搜索引擎优化 strategies to give it a boost, all the better.

The best way to optimize your content is to research your audience. The more you know about who they are, the more relevant you can make your content. 你的目标受众是谁? 他们的需求是什么? 我们建议 创建客户头像 to ensure you know everything about your ideal clients.

然后, with an understanding of who they are and what they want, you can start performing keyword research to dive deeper into finding out what they want.

谷歌有自己的 关键字规划师 to help you understand your customers’ search strategies in more depth. There are other keyword tools online that can give you a deeper understanding of your ideal customer and what they’re looking for when they search online.

记住这一点, you can build your web presence with 搜索引擎优化 tactics for optimal reach as you write and post new content.



我们生活在一个 人们想要个性化的信息 满足他们的需求. Seventy percent of millennials are frustrated with brands that send irrelevant messages, and eighty percent of consumers state they are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that personalizes the experience.

Yet keep in mind that these same people are also nervous about privacy. There’s a fine line between improving the experience and losing trust.

Digital 市场营销 CTA reading "Find out how DMG can help your business today!,加上“让我们开始”按钮信任和透明度通常是齐头并进的. 人们希望你理解他们, which is why 影响者 marketing has been growing by leaps and bounds. No longer does a company market their products; real people talk about the product or service instead.

当你听到"影响者,” if all you think of are the biggest celebrities, think again. The biggest rise is in micro-影响者s – people known for specific interests and who have very high engagement rates with their followers. 他们可能有10个,000 to 100,社交媒体上的000, 当他们说话的时候, 他们的人民会倾听.

An 影响者’s power doesn’t come from how many followers they have but instead is based on their personal relationships with their followers.


回到几年前, and you’ll find major news organizations were predicting that the future was all about video. 他们没有错. All you have to do today is open up your favorite social media platform, and you’ll see this is true. 从TikTok和reel到全功能视频, this is one area of digital marketing that will continue to grow.

If you think you need a full production house to help you utilize this trend, think again. 你的口袋里有你所需要的一切力量. 事实上,这是首选. 人们不想要高质量的视频. 他们喜欢即兴表达的简单信息. 他们想要诚实、透明. 他们想看到没有灯光和魅力的你. If you look at some of the biggest YouTube success stories, 你会看到他们投入生产的是多么少.

如果你还没有完全接受视频, make this your year to start adding it to your social media, 即使是在短时间内. You can use live video and supplement it with short outtakes. 关键在于一致性. Don’t worry if your first video is less than perfect. 随着时间的推移,你会变得更好的.

What Digital 市场营销 Trends Are You Planning on 遵循ing as We Move Into 2022?

While there is no shortage of growth in the online world, if you’re wondering what direction to take with your digital marketing, 答案在于保持简单.

不要被新技术搞得不知所措. 新奇的东西会慢慢消失,然后流入有用的东西. 如果你建立了一个可靠的策略并坚持一个计划, 你将赶上当前的潮流, 找到最适合你的方法.